Saturday 17th July 2021

The five young Swallows have fledged from their salubrious nest site in the roof of the toilet and they were hawking around Shore Hide first thing, you can see the short tail streamers at this age. juvenile Swallow On De L’Orne flood at least seven young Shelduck chicks remained and as soon as the familyContinue reading “Saturday 17th July 2021”

Wednesday 14th July 2021

It’s been a good year on Venner for ducks some of whom are not common breeders in Hampshire. A second Pochard pair have at least 2 small chicks and the original female now has five almost fully grown ducklings. The lovely blackish Tufted Duck ducklings, seven of them, were following the female everywhere. There wereContinue reading “Wednesday 14th July 2021”