Thursday 31st August 2021

There had been an arrival of winter visitors with at least 10 newly arrived Wigeon in the Pullen and Mary Monts area and at least a dozen Snipe. Over on Gravelly there were far fewer passerine migrants compared to Sunday which was much warmer. There were also far fewer hirundines moving.  A Green Sandpiper remainedContinue reading “Thursday 31st August 2021”

Sunday 29th August 2021

I arranged to meet up with Ian and we spent the morning on Gravelly Marsh and Great Marsh. As we reached Mary Mont’s Pools it was clear that there had been an arrival of Snipe with at least three here and then another seven around the Flight Pond. A couple of Yellow Wagtails called overhead before landingContinue reading “Sunday 29th August 2021”

Thursday 26th August 2021

There was a slightly autumnal feel about today with a cool breeze and hirundines streaming east. Lots of Lesser Whitethroats, Whitethroats, Wheatears and Whinchats were moving but the sound track of the day was provided by a large, swirling and mobile group of Yellow Wagtails.  There’d obviously been a big arrival with their ‘feest’ callsContinue reading “Thursday 26th August 2021”

Sunday 22nd August 2021

The sun hadn’t been up long as I watched a Wheatear resting on the dried creek near the boardwalk. Behind it, on De L’Orne flood there were 23 Black-tailed Godwits, all juveniles. A Green Sandpiper was also present walking along the edge of the vegetation towards the shingle bar and at 7:05am a Tree PipitContinue reading “Sunday 22nd August 2021”