Thursday 25th February 2021

From the Sailing Club I was surprised to see six Slavonian Grebes in three pairs close together on the sea. This is my highest count here and one of the highest Hampshire counts in recent years. The numbers have built up from a late arriving individual in mid-December, then two in late December, four inContinue reading “Thursday 25th February 2021”

Sunday 21st February 2021

With the warmer temperatures and lots of birds singing it certainly felt like spring. I headed to MM’s, a Dartford Warbler was calling on the walk over. Greenfinches are often tricky to see at NO but today they were displaying, wheezing and enjoying high speed chases. The sea was flat calm and quiet other thanContinue reading “Sunday 21st February 2021”

Wednesday 10th February 2021

The return of the Beast from the East had been suggested in the forecast. In the end we didn’t get the snow that was anticipated but it was certainly cold. I dusted off my pocket warmers, topped them up with lighter fluid and headed out. First stop was the Reedy Ditch to check for anyContinue reading “Wednesday 10th February 2021”