Thursday 19th August 2021

We returned to check the moth traps early on Thursday morning. There were several interesting finds including several wetland specialists. Some of the highlights included:- Jersey Tiger, Southern Wainscot, Small Rufous, Twin-spotted Wainscot, Beautiful China Mark, Donacaula forficella, Yellow Belle, Cydia amplana and Crimson Underwing sp (which flew before we could identify it to species).Continue reading “Thursday 19th August 2021”

Wednesday 18th August 2021

Peter came down to stay with us for a few days. We spent most of Wednesday on the reserve and then set up three moth traps overnight. There were lots of Willow Warbler and Blackcaps moving through with some snatches of song from both species. De L’Orne scrape was pretty active with newly arrived migrantContinue reading “Wednesday 18th August 2021”

Wednesday 11th August 2021

A Grey Wagtail called as it flew overhead on Gravelly Marsh, my first since January. I spent an excellent morning watching Graham and Tara ringing with mist nets. There was loads of insight into ageing and sexing birds by looking at moult contrast between feathers and the colour and wear of feather edgings. Also assessingContinue reading “Wednesday 11th August 2021”

Sunday 8th August 2021

A miserable wet and windy day which brightened up a little in the afternoon. The highlight was the first returning Spotted Redshank on De L’Orne. I last saw one on the 1st April flying over De L’Orne calling ‘chew it’ with trailing legs extending beyond the tail. Today’s bird flew out of sight presumably toContinue reading “Sunday 8th August 2021”