Sunday 7th November 2021

I set up the moth traps near Pullen Scrub on Saturday night as it was warmer than it had been for a few days. On site it did seem pretty windy and when I returned to check the taps the next morning it also felt pretty cold. I recorded 13 individuals in the two traps, the number of moths was probably affected by the cooler temperatures.

They included four Streak and a Yellow-line Quaker both of whom were last recorded on the reserve in the 1980s, an indication of how little moth trapping, or at least late autumn trapping, has gone on here.  

Yellow-line Quaker
Red-line Quaker
Green-brindled Crescent
Beaded Chestnut
Large Wainscot
Red-green Carpet

After the moths I walked out along Warren Shore as this stretch needs to be walked regularly as part of avian flu checks. I was also hoping for a Snow Bunting as there have been a few in Hampshire recently. No luck. Five Skylarks and close up Turnstones were the highlights. Amazing to think that these familiar birds come all the way back from Greenland to winter here. This individual is an adult I think judging by the adult type broad fringed covert feathers.

adult winter Turnstone
adult winter Turnstone

I then headed over to Inchmery to meet Ian for the WeBS count. Highlights were two Spoonbill, 46 Pintail on Venner, 587 Teal and six Bar-tailed Godwit on Inchmery.

After WeBS I headed over to Park Shore. The Cattle Egret group was down to three although Dave later saw another two at Park Farm. A Razorbill lifted up from the sea and headed back east towards Needs Ore.


It’s difficult to count Meadow Pipits when they’re feeding in wet meadows but when they lift up and all land in a long line on a barbed wire fence it’s a good chance to count them and check for anything rarer. There were 22. A decent count of 10 Snipe were also feeding on one of the larger inland pools on Park Shore.  

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