Sunday 17th January 2021

If I’m driving down W Lane close to sunrise I usually scan for Barn Owls at the Reedy Ditch. Unfortunately, no luck again today but I did get good views of a very vocal Marsh Tit and Greenfinch was new for the year.  

On my way to the hides I usually set up the scope at the gate before the main cattle field. On this occasion I picked up the three adult Russian White-fronted Geese swimming from the back of JV island, the 1st winter bird soon joined them. I watched them for a while before a hunting Peregrine put everything up. The Peregrine flew straight past me fairly low and as the geese and ducks settled back down there was no sign of the White-fronts.


A male Marsh Harrier, an altogether more leisurely hunter, quartered over DL’O while Redwing and Fieldfare called from the trees along the path. 

Back at MM’s a pair of Sparrowhawks were displaying and the male drifted over towards me on the beach. The only action on the sea were waders moving from P Shore, they included a Bar-tailed Godwit in a flock of Grey Plover and Dunlin.


A walk around the wet areas south east of NP hide failed to produce any Jack Snipe despite the help of a thermal camera. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any here at the moment. I did manage an un-ringed female Dartford Warbler in the same area.  

male Marsh Harrier, Dartford Warbler and female Marsh Harrier

From the sailing club the distant high tide wader roost contained at least 15 Knot and a final stop at the Reedy Ditch produced a single Greenshank. The Russian White-fronts were back again with the Greylags and Canada Geese but they left without me noticing, presumably to roost over at P Shore.

Russian White-fronted Geese

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