Thursday 19th November 2020

Still no sign of any Slavonian Grebes or Red-breasted Mergansers on the sea first thing or again mid afternoon, they’re both often here by mid November.

Great Crested Grebe photo by Ian Williamson

A Treecreeper was a slightly unexpected find 200 yards west of the S Hide. There were plenty of Blackbirds and Song Thrushes around and with them a single and silent Redwing halfway along the walking trail. I walked over to the hides to find that the reeds had been cut to improve visibility in front of the NFOC hide although there were few birds on B Water or on the scrape from DL’O.

A single Siskin called overhead and a group of seven Avocet flew up the river and over onto DL’O scrape. A pair of Spoonbill were roosting distantly on the far side of Inchmery. They have a reputation for always sleeping but on this occasion they were flushed by the rising tide and flew straight towards me and two minutes later they were right overhead.  

Brent Goose and Little Egret

Highlight of the day was a Bar-tailed Godwit roosting with Grey Plover on Inchmery. It’s the first I’ve seen here, they’re fairly regular but not guaranteed. Three Sandwich Terns in the mouth of the river are looking like wintering birds now.

At least six Skylark were feeding around the warden’s hut and as I walked around the sluice gate one of the Kingfishers flashed turquoise as it flew away. When the wind dropped it was much warmer and there were at least three Common Darter still on the wing.

Stonechat photo by Ian Williamson

I headed back towards B Water hoping for a late afternoon Hen Harrier, Barn Owl or Short-eared Owl, no luck unfortunately. Fourteen Stock Doves were roosting in the trees on JV island until they were evicted by Rooks.

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