Yellow-breasted Bunting – St Agnes, Scilly

Back in February when Stuart had tried to book a flight to the Scillies he had been told that all Friday flights were full. In the end they agreed to put on an extra flight for the 8 of us but this meant that we weren’t due to fly out until 2.50pm. My Dad was coming for the first time since 1995. Now that he had retired he could choose which week to come. I had decided to move out of the flat where there had been 7 of us and I had booked accommodation for me and Dad in the middle of Hugh Town […]

Blue Rock Thrush – Porthloo, St Mary’s, Scilly

After a tremendous four tick Scilly I thought that my final day on the islands would be fairly quiet ahead of my 3pm flight and I decided not to take my telescope to make walking easier. We set out as a group, as normal, making our way up to the airfield, around the perimeter on the north side and then down the narrow fern sided track towards Porthellick. A Richard’s Pipit had been reported in the fields adjacent to the track and this was our goal […]

Yellow-billed Cuckoo – Great Pool, Tresco

I spent Tuesday 12th October on St Mary’s. The rest of the gang had gone to Tresco for the day but I had decided to take it more slowly and do some sketching and painting. I ended up on the Airfield and spent much of the early afternoon painting the Upland Sandpiper and the Short-toed Lark. Later on I made my way, rather slowly, back towards Old Town. Just near Carn Gwarval School I met up with the rest of the gang, they had spent much of their day getting drunk in one of the pubs on Tresco! […]