Scops Owl and Western Black-eared Wheatear – Porthgwarra & Nanquidno, Cornwall

A Scops Owl had been found in the West Cornish valley in the early hours of Monday morning. Two birders had driven down the valley at around 2:30am and had intended to get some sleep. As they turned into the car park their headlights picked out some movement along the fence posts which bordered the dense clump of trees, they also picked out 2 red eyes. Fairly quickly they realised that they had found a Scops Owl. News was released early on Monday morning […]

Booted Eagle – Drift Reservoir, Cornwall

In early March 99 a pale morph Booted Eagle had been found in Southern Ireland and over the next few months it was seen on and off including a trip into Northern Ireland. It was the first to be recorded in Britain and Ireland, somewhat of a surprise given that its main breeding areas in Spain are only 500 miles away. Several British Birders made the trip but were often disappointed as the eagle would regularly disappear for a few days at a time […]