Thursday 10th February 2022

A very brief morning only visit. I first headed to the Inchmery side to see if there were any large gulls around high tide, there were just a few Herring Gulls.   Herring Gulls in late winter often look pristine and white-headed like Yellow-legged Gulls but the paler mantle shade of Herring Gull is usuallyContinue reading “Thursday 10th February 2022”

Monday 7th February 2022

Lots of Mistle Thrushes today, there were two birds at the pines near the cottages, at least two or three moving between Rye Errish and Bergerie Farm and one or two between Park Farm and Park Shore.  Mistle Thrush populations are largely sedentary in the UK unlike Blackbirds which are heavily augmented by huge influxesContinue reading “Monday 7th February 2022”

Tuesday 1st February 2022

A very quiet day with no other birders and not many birds. The cold grey wind probably contributed. There were around 10 Redwing feeding around the edge of Warren Farm House Field. It was particularly quiet from Mary Monts in fact there wasn’t a single bird on the sea during 45 minutes of scanning. OverContinue reading “Tuesday 1st February 2022”

Highlights January 2022

On the 1st January a bird race around the reserve produced 97 species, an amazing total for January. Highlights were three Glossy Ibis found by Ian going over the Reedy Ditch before they headed over to Park Farm. I saw one of the Glossy Ibis again on the 10th flying over the Reedy Ditch. AlsoContinue reading “Highlights January 2022”