Sunday 5th December 2021

I met up with Ian at Inchmery for our WeBS count. Birding highlights included two White-tailed Eagles together out on the saltmarsh appearing quite amorous. It looked like our male G393 and one of the large females, perhaps G547. Finding the Scaup out in the creek south of the quay, around a mile from BlackContinue reading “Sunday 5th December 2021”

Saturday 4th December 2021

The regular Bullfinch pair flitted ahead of me as I walked along the main hedge. Three Black-tailed Godwit were flushed from Venner South before they headed over to the Gins. After a September peak of 40 birds on De L’Orne Flood it is down to single figures again although in December last year 40-50 birdsContinue reading “Saturday 4th December 2021”