Collared Flycatcher – Southwell, Portland, Dorset

I hadn’t had a tick for 1303 days and had let Dad have my pager and I wasn’t sure when I would next twitch a bird. Peter texted me on the Thursday night to ask whether I realised that there was a Collared Flycatcher at Portland, Peter had seen the bird that morning. He suggested that if it was still there Friday morning then it would probably be there after work for me on the Friday evening […]

Cream-coloured Courser – St Mary’s, Scilly

I didn’t renew my pager subscription in March 2004 and I hadn’t twitched a bird since the Cornish American Robin in January and so I was really looking forward to Scilly. There hadn’t been anything rare to get me anxious, that was, until early afternoon on Tuesday 28th September when my Dad texted me atContinue reading “Cream-coloured Courser – St Mary’s, Scilly”

American Robin – Godrevy, Cornwall

Apart from a Mongolian Plover at Lymington in July 2003 (which may never be more than sub-species of Lesser Sand Plover) I had not seen a new species in Britain since the White-throated Sparrow at Flamborough in October 2002, 14 months previously. An American Robin was found at Godrevy in Cornwall on private farmland onContinue reading “American Robin – Godrevy, Cornwall”

Lesser Sand Plover – Pennington Marshes, Hampshire

Having delayed travelling for the Audouin’s Gull and subsequently getting to Dungeness a day too late and then a month later not going for the Black Lark on Anglesey I was due a successful twitch. Spring & Summer had passed without any other excitement birdwise but on Tuesday 22nd July at 9:45am my mobile phoneContinue reading “Lesser Sand Plover – Pennington Marshes, Hampshire”