Tree Pipit – Acres Down, New Forest

Having seen Redstarts, a Firecrest, a Brambling, Crossbills, and Hawfinches all within the wood I moved out onto the more open heath. I was hoping to see Tree Pipits and although if felt cold and breezy I did mange to find one hiding in a tree. Although the bird was silent it was well marked with an obvious eye stripe and supercilium. The buff chest contrasted with white undersides and the streaks were finer on the flanks. 

While on the ridge I watched a Goshawk soaring over the woods. The large size, heavy chest and hip, rounded tail corners and white undertail coverts were all obvious and as it drifted closer I could see the striking white supercilium. 

As I headed back to the car I bumped into a pair of Woodlarks, other birders say they’ve been very difficult to find this spring so far. They gave a couple of lovely fluty notes as they flew away from me and then settled to feed on the ground, always staying very close to each other.

Other than Cuckoo I saw all of my target species and Redstart and Tree Pipit take the year list up to 175. 

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