Temminck’s Stint – Titchfield Haven, Hampshire

A Temminck’s Stint was found at Titchfield Haven on Sunday 2nd September. I’ve seen 4 previously in Britain but the last was in 2003. I decided to head down but couldn’t before the Thursday. It had been commuting around the south scrape and the best hide to view it from continually changed as it flew between the muddy margins around the various islands. I opted for the Pumfrett Hide which has views over the northern part of the south scrape. I was lucky, and the stint was on show when I entered the hide.

The view from the Pumfrett hide looks due east and so on a clear morning in September (or March) you are looking directly into the sun and combined with the haze it made for challenging viewing. I managed to sketch some rough shapes but was pleased when it flew into a better position. It wasn’t until the early afternoon once it had clouded over and the stint had flown much closer that it was possible to see enough detail to persuade me to get my paints out.

It was clearly tiny and had a much slower feeding action than a Little Stint and it carried itself in a low horizontal gait almost crouching. Its overall colouration was plain and grey/brown. The legs were yellowish although they often looked darker after wading in the mud.

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