Greenshank – Titchfield Haven, Hampshire

Wader passage is in full swing by late August and Titchfield Haven had already provided opportunities to sketch most common waders but not Greenshank until now. I sketched this juvenile from the Meon Shore Hide. 

The autumn Greenshank passage is usually heavier than the spring passage and there is also a small wintering population on the Hampshire Coast.

When I’m sketching I find it essential to minimise the time between seeing the shape and then putting pencil to paper. Using a 45-degree angled telescope really helps with this as you can watch the bird and your pencil almost at the same time.

I like 3B lead is it’s soft but not messy soft and I use a mechanical clutch pencil as they always feel the same in your hand as opposed to a normal pencil which gets progressively smaller and lighter as you sharpen it.

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