Snipe – Titchfield Haven, Hampshire

The breeding population of Snipe in Hampshire has crashed by 75% or more due to the drainage of previously suitable habitat and breeding is now largely confined to the New Forest. 

They still winter in good (albeit declining) numbers in the harbours along the Hampshire Coast and there were good numbers viewable from the Meon Hide at Titchfield Haven.

Fast moving waders always present sketching problems. I find that it’s better to work as quickly as I can but when the mental picture of what I’m trying to sketch fades I stop and try not to guess too much as these are the bits that usually go wrong.

If the bird is moving quickly then it’s better to watch it for a while first and then perhaps attempt sketches of individual parts of the bird before moving onto another sketch when it adopts a different posture. Gradually several of the sketches can be developed as the bird readopts that shape. If the bird pauses for a few seconds you can often get most of the shape down. 

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